VOTE LeaAnn Saul Dec. 5th


I am excited to serve my community on the Cedar Falls City Council.  Working with others, problem solving and planning for the future is my passion.  As a council member, I look forward to sharing my experience and using my visionary leadership for the benefit of all.


SENSIBLE Services-  

Basic city services include sanitation, water, streets, the public library, fire and police, ambulance, parks, schools and other health department issues and transportation.  I believe that our city leaders have been very successful at providing these services without increasing our property taxes and continue to make that their goal.  However, legislative measures and increasing costs may present challenges in the future.

When new or increased services are requested, I believe in running it through a series of questions such as: Why do we need it?  What will it cost?  How many citizens does it benefit?  Is it really something the city should be providing?  What will it cost to maintain this service?  What will it do for our city?

STRATEGIC Solutions-  

Our city is presented with problems daily and the decision-making process is key to innovative solutions without raising costs.  Again, I would run through a series of questions such as:  How big a problem is it?  Who is affected by it?  How many are affected by it?  What is causing the problem?  Is the cause controllable or will it change?  What are possible solutions and what are the costs involved?  Thinking outside the box to solve problems is one of my passions.

SMART Spending-  

As we look to future projects, I again would ask: What is the benefit to the citizens?  Is it necessary?  What will it cost?  Is there a less expensive way to accomplish this?  Do we really need it?  What if we don’t do this project?  Will this require a property tax increase?

For instance, the first proposal for the Main Street project offered several options; (1) leave 4 lane and keep traffic signals at a cost of $4.3 mil, (2) change from 4 to 3 lanes keep traffic signals with on street bike lanes each side at $4.6 mil, or (3) change from 4 to 3 lanes with bike lanes on each side and roundabout at 12th Street at a cost of $5.2 mil. But when questioned about the need for the roundabout there would not be much a difference in travel time and no increase in safety as that intersection has a low crash rate now.  So my thought is why spend the extra $600,000 on a roundabout?  Now they are proposing roundabouts at both 12th and 18th and Main intersections.

I support:

Full-time mayor as I believe that our citizens identify with a mayor and feel that a mayor is approachable.

Use of roundabouts where they make sense and cost is reasonable.  Installing three in two miles was overkill.

Complete streets WHEN REASONABLE AND IF FEASIBLE. Council passed a complete streets resolution which included a clause “where feasible” which was later removed. I believe that “where feasible and cost is reasonable” should be a part of that resolution.

Continued commercial/industry development.  It is imperative that our Community Development department works cooperatively and diligently with current and new entities creatively for the benefit of the city.